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CasinoTrac™ & TransAct® Announce Industry First Floor-wide, Single-Wire Printing Solution

December 19, 2023

MINNETONKA, MN, December 19, 2023Table Trac, Inc. (OTCQX: TBTC) announces it has completed a ‘First of its Kind’ integration project with TransAct Technologies (NASDAQ: TACT), to become the industry’s first CMS to provide a single-wire, On-Demand Printing solution, eliminating the hassle of redundant networking gear or infrastructure.

In this new environment, casino operators can deploy PromoTrac OnDemand™, with Epicentral®, thru CasinoTrac’s 6.2 CT VSMIB player tracking interface, with Epic Edge® and/or Epic 950® printers.  In addition to and leveraging the cutting-edge features of the Epicentral platform, CasinoTrac SelfPay™ keeps your players playing, by handling accumulated credit payouts, jackpots and even taxable w2G events, in less than 60 seconds.

Chad Hoehne, President of Table Trac, Inc., explained, "CasinoTrac system owners know they can integrate with great features like TransAct's Epicentral using their integration-friendly, API-driven CasinoTrac CMS.  We were excited to work with TransAct's great team to innovate the one wire solution, combining CasinoTrac's powerful in-game hardware platform with TransAct's Epicentral SE designer and print server to deliver high resolution graphic promotional coupons, pre-filled drawing entries, and more to the guest, right at their game.”  Hoehne elaborated further, “This solution provides a ton of functionality and flexibility, is simple, lightweight to deploy and generates tremendous cost savings by eliminating additional in-game hardware and multiple networks!"

“We are proud to partner with Chad and CasinoTrac on the groundbreaking integration,” said John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer of TransAct.  “The need for redundant networking within a casino’s operations in order to utilize Epicentral has long been a barrier for new customers, and I am happy to announce that this partnership solves that logistical challenge for CasinoTrac’s considerable install base.  We believe this will open the door to additional white space for both our Epicentral and casino printer products across a number of markets and builds a strong connection between CasinoTrac and TransAct going forward.”

About Table Trac, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Table Trac, Inc. designs, develops and sells CasinoTrac CMS, a casino management system, and complementary operations, analytical software for gaming and hospitality operators. CasinoTrac is operational in 300 casinos across 13 countries including the United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Australia. More information is available at

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