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CasinoTrac to Launch Unified, End-to-End Cashless with Koin Payments, Marker Trax

June 21, 2023

MINNETONKA, MN, June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Table Trac, Inc. (OTCQX: TBTC), the developer and provider of CasinoTrac, a casino management system with more than 280 casino customers in 13 countries, today announced a new partnership with gaming fintech disruptors, Koin Payments and Marker Trax, to introduce it’s KTMobile app with an integrated cashless solution, for its customers.

The technology blend becomes ‘Cashless in a Box™,’ providing a feature-rich, regulated digital wallet for all casino/resort spending activities, providing the casino operator with the ability to extend their branded guest experience, outside the casino and off-property.

Chad Hoehne, President of Table Trac Inc, stated, “When we filed for our first patent on what has now become KT Mobile in 2018, I wanted to bring the entire player rewards experience from the game screen to the player’s phone.  Embedding Koin & Marker Trax financial services functionality with the reliable and proven CasinoTrac CMS, is the realization of my original vision.”

In approved markets, Cashless in a Box not only packages the mobile, gaming, and financial technology but, also provides a launch plan with marketing and player education support making it easier for operators of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of cashless operations, with fewer headaches.

“Gaming customers want the functionality of being able to handle all their transactions from a single touchpoint, the same way it’s available in nearly every other facet of their lives,” said Koin President Gary Larkin. “Koin and Marker Trax have been at the forefront of bringing consumers the digital solutions they want in the gaming space, and we’re proud to work with partners like Table Trac who share that vision.”

“Cashless is no longer the industry’s future; it’s the present,” Marker Trax President Charlie Skinner added. “Companies like Table Trac are embracing this technology and all-in-one functionality for the ultimate benefit of their customers, and of the industry as a whole.”

About Table Trac, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Table Trac, Inc. designs, develops, and sells casino information and management systems. The company has systems installed in North, South, and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. More information is available at

About Marker Trax, LLC

Marker Trax is a cashless, digital alternative to a casino marker. The product is the first of its kind to offer regulatory-compliant casino marker technology that takes inefficiency out of issuing advances and provides casinos with the tools to manage their casino credit underwriting and repayments. Developed and patented by the company’s founder, Gary Ellis, in 2018, Marker Trax makes for a more efficient gaming experience for players. The Marker Trax system allows players to be scored and given access to their markers in minutes. For more information, visit

About Koin Payments

Koin is transforming the payment solutions landscape with a seamless, secure, and economical way for patrons to fund gameplay and make retail purchases using their mobile devices. With the unique Koin network, casinos and resort operators can enjoy a fully integrated payment management solution for cage, table games, sportsbook, and retail transactions. Innovative payment methods, including bank ACH transfer, Venmo, direct deposit, and Marker Trax digital credit, significantly reduce merchant processing charges and cash-out activities while providing extended revenue opportunities both in and out of the resort. Koin is leading the way in transforming the gaming resort experience for the digital age. Learn more at

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